Andrew Gentry Law: MFT
down to earth counseling and therapy

I am a licensed marriage and family therapist working with individuals, couples, and families in San Francisco and the Bay Area at Large.  
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If you're reading this, chances are something's not going so well for you.  I'm glad you're looking for help.  Let's do the work.
Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, confusing relationships, work/life balance, big decisions, sorrow and loss...  Everybody gets blindsided by real life at some time.  Friends and family can be as helpful as they can be.  But sometimes it's something deeper.  The good news is you can overcome and move forward.  Let's do the work.
There are lots of fancy and esoteric ways to talk about how therapy works and how it can help.  I prefer a down to earth, jargon-free, brass tacks way of working.  My way is friendly, casual, curious, and engaged.  I will meet you right where you are.  You'll know that you have an ally who listens, takes you seriously, and who can help you get a different perspective on your troubles.  And you will gain an advocate who participates in your process,  someone who really believes in your strength and power to change! 
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About Me

I'm probably more than a little like you -  just trying to sort out what this life means and how I can best make an impact in the time I've got.

I grew up in the Midwest.  And I've spent my entire adult life navigating the cultures and sub-cultures that make life in San Francisco and the Bay Area so rich and exciting.  So I am genuine and at ease with lots of different people.  Whether you think of yourself as a humble average-Joe or Jane, an exotic jewel from beyond the beyond, or a wretched creature, ugly and unlovable - I've got your back.
I've got a Masters of Integral Counseling Psychology from CIIS, training and practice in harm reduction substance-abuse therapies from the Harm Reduction Therapy Center, extensive internship training in Ecopsychology with Jan Edl Stein and the amazing people of the Holos Institute, and years of in-home mentoring and family therapy with my awesome colleagues at Vive Inc.   I've also done street-level community work with at-risk youth and adults.  I'm a well rounded and experienced listener, helper, counselor, and therapist.
Let's do the work.
  1. Individuals

    Your life is a work in progress. And that's not always pretty. Everyone needs an ally and an advocate. Let's get into what's important and real. Let's do the work.
  2. Couples

    You got together for a reason. Now you're stuck. Communicate clearly. Explore your shared values. Accept and appreciate your differences. Clarify your agreements. Let's get through this. Together.
  3. House Calls

    I make house calls. Depending on your concerns and goals, I can meet you out and about in your real life. If meeting outside a typical clinical setting - i.e. my office - seems like an intriguing idea, we can make it happen. Call me to find out more.
  4. Consultation

    You might not yet know if therapy is the right path for you. Give me a call anyway. Let's talk about what therapy can and can't do. Let's explore your options. Even if I'm not the counselor for you, I want to help you find the one who is.


call or text:  510-463-4875
3150 18th Street, #548
San Francisco CA, 94110